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Skin facials are common but at Skin & Light, what you get is in a league of its own.  Our skin facials are customised for dry and dull skin, oily and acne prone areas, scars, pimples, wrinkle prone parts of your face and so much more. 

Ending your skin woes with the best facial treatments in Melbourne. We have set the bar high and we stood by the quality rendered every time a client approaches us. 

Visit Skin & Light clinic for facial treatments in Melbourne or schedule an appointment with one of our experts.  Youthful and healthy skin promised. 

At Skin & Light, we offer a wide range of facial treatment services

Quick Facial

Suitable for: all skin type and clear blackheads
40 Mins

A thirty-minute power packed facial for the people who are in a rush. To achieve effective and instant results, a BHA or AHA solution is applied on the face to dissolve blackheads and impurities and soften down all the dead skin away. In the end, a soothing mask is applied to calm the skin and promote clarity.

Iontophoresis I

Suitable for: All skin types
60 mins

The facial comprises of our Iontophoresis I machine that generates minute electric currents in order to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin and also uses Ultrasound technology to ensure optimal delivery of nutrient supplements deep through the skin.

Oxyjet Peeling

Suitable for: All skin types, perfect for tired and dull skin
50 mins

Oxy Jet Peeling is a cutting edge technology that ensures the infusion of oxygen and water at supersonic speed. It penetrates deep into the dermal layers, promoting regeneration and revitalization of skin’s natural elasticity. Instant results can be observed even after the first sitting.

The Oxy Jet Peel works on 4 levels simultaneously:

Deep cleaning – The skin is deeply cleansed by using water, oxygen and vitamins at supersonic speed.

Exfoliation helps restoring brightness and vibrancy of the skin by removing dead layers of skin comfortably without any pain.

Hydration – Moisturizing and soothing the skin by powered jets that contain water, oxygen and vitamins.

Oxygen –Infusing oxygen and vitamins deep into the dermal layer, skin vitality is improved as it stimulates collagen and elastin production.


Suitable for: Oily and Combination skin, active acne and post acne damage and scarring
60 mins

Comodex is a comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs acne, acne damage, oily and combination skin. Blending the best of nature and science, Comodex purifies, balances and renews the skin, restoring it to its healthiest state. 

Comodex treatment relies on four well defined processes; controlling and regulating antimicrobial activity, moderating sebum secretion, skin renewal and scar tissue repairing and preventing post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH).

Rose Petal Facial

Suitable for: All skin types
90 mins

As we age, the skin’s defence barrier function becomes crucial for keeping the skin healthy and young looking. Important factors for maintaining a proper and impermeable barrier function are optimal lipid homeostasis and cell detoxification. The skin barrier is affected by exogenous and endogenous aggressions and toxins, which have a great impact on cell regeneration. 

Rose petal facial uses the pleasant delights of the rose to address the symptoms of a deteriorating defence barrier from every angle, with a gentle soothing treatment. Help diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, providing enriched nourishment and hydration and enhances cell metabolism providing overall skin protection.


Suitable for: Oily, normal or acne skin
60 mins

The BioPhyto is the ultimate answer to regain and achieve your skins natural beauty and make sure its healthier than ever before! The BioPhyto comprises of scientifically developed products that provide customized solutions to various skin conditions that may be a result of adverse internal or environmental factors. 

Highly potent active ingredients are extracted from plants and with the help of cutting edge technology; the inherent natural properties of these extractions are maximized to produce BioPhyto. The unique BioPhyto formulas ensure treatment to all skin types and provide solutions to multiple skin conditions.

Hydra facial

Suitable for: Sensitive or dry skin
90 mins

At Skin and Light, we offer Hydra facial treatment in Melbourne that uses potent sonic waves to exfoliate dead skin cells and increase the skin’s moisture level, smooth fine lines and remove wrinkles and lift up the overall facial skin with the help of ultrasonic frequency.

To make things even better, we use the Iontophoresis device to infuse an anti-aging solution deep into the skin to leave it looking fresher and younger after the treatment. If that wasn’t enough, a relaxing facial massage is also provided during the procedure to provide best possible experience.


Suitable for: Sensitive or dry skin
90 mins

Unstress is an exclusive facial treatment that soothes and prevents stress-induced skin irritation, inflammation and itching. The treatment encompasses clinically proven bioactive agents that provide DNA and cell membrane protection to reduce skin vulnerability and heal stress-induced damage. 

The treatment prevents premature ageing and brings the skin to it’s healthiest state by uplifting the body’s natural immune system and self defense mechanisms.

Rose De Mer

Suitable for: Oily or normal skin especially for pigmentation and mature skin
90 mins

ROSE DE MER is a 100% natural professional peel that safely and effectively activates a chain reaction of cell turnover, fortifying the highest anti-inflammatory protection, and reduces PIH in minimal time.

It addresses a variety of skin conditions and is suitable for most skin types and ages. The treatment leaves the skin looking fresh, young and healthy by using a unique blend of marine plants, salts, minerals, algae and vitamins. These powerful natural ingredients maximize the benefits of the treatment and helps to calm and correct damage, resulting in a rejuvenated and improved skin quality.

FluorOxygen + C

Suitable for: Sun damaged or normal skin, also good combination with laser treatment
90 mins

Fluoroxygen+C is a multi-directional treatment for skin discoloration and photo damage. It regulates melanin production in the deeper dermis and therefore results in lighter epidermal layers. Fluoroxygen+C can provide a long-term protection against environmental and biological factors that cause skin discoloration if used with a combination of alike home products.

Silk Therapy

Suitable for: All skin types especially for mature skin
90 mins

Wrinkles and expression lines are the first external signs of ageing. Silk therapy uses gentle silk fibers and proteins to reinforce the skin’s natural Collagen matrix, addresses the causes and symptoms of ageing skin from every angle with a gentle treatment that results in no irritation and features remedies correcting the signs of ageing including firming and lifting skin. 

What to do next

Whether you are looking for LED light therapy facial, acne laser treatment or suffering from any other skin concerns, at Skin and Laser, we offer the best facial treatments to make your skin look healthy, younger and fresh.

The results are not just beautiful but give you immense satisfaction. We would be pleased to set up an expert consultation with our skincare experts. 

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