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At Skin and Light, we follow effective and safe microblading procedures to shape your eyebrows. This semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure is carried out by our team who has experience and expertise in the cosmetic industry.

Whether you have light hair, ultra-faint brows or shedding brow hair, our cosmetic tattoo eyebrows create natural-looking full and thicker eyebrows.  Involving the use of  disposable blades, it takes 2-3 hours to get the desired and defined eyebrows. 

Visit our Skin & Light microblading clinic in Melbourne or schedule an appointment with one of our experts.  Have pre-microblading jitters? Talk to us and we can help you calm down. 

Skin & Light Cosmetic Tattoo

Here is a wide range of services we provide


$599 (Mist Brows)
$599 (Microblading)

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a customizable procedure to enhance eyebrows that create an illusion of a more defined and fuller brow shape by tattooing individual hair-like strokes. The ink of the tattoo is customized to match the skin tone and hair color of each client.


$299 (Tear Line)
$299 (Bottom Line)
$329 (eyeliner)

After an eyeliner tattoo you can put away your eye pencils for several years


$399 (Lip Line)
$699 (Full Lips)

Cosmetic lip tattoos can help to enhance the shape and plumpness of the mouth. It is also a great treatment for correcting inherent asymmetries and perfect for improving lip color, shape or definition that have been lost due to the ravages of time.

What to do next

At Skin & Light, we provide world-class microblading experience in Melbourne. Our qualified and experienced professionals ensure that your questions are answered and your fears are settled before the session.  

Offering excellent results, microblading can be your choice for a one-off service or repeated applications.  We would be delighted to set up a consultation with our team. 


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Here is a wide range of services we provide