Have you all been well over the past week? The past few days have been so chilly that it is impossible to believe it is actually summer. But there are no coronavirus patients in Melbourne, so I think it’s a relief that we can all go out safely. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve felt the pleasures of sunny weather. Although the weather is not so pleasant, I hope your skin is. Personally, when I think of clean and pleasant skin, I think of healthy pores. So today, we’re going to talk about enlarged pores.

Q: These days, my face is very oily and I have skin trouble like pimples, and I’m upset because I have a lot of blackheads on my nose. When I remove my BB cream at night the pores are more noticeable. I try using a pore reduction pack and a black head pack, but I’m worried because it doesn’t get better. So I want to get professional care.

A: Common sense is that in summer, pores widen to release increased sebum.
As it gets hotter, sebum increases, and the components of sweat and cosmetics mix with wastes such as dust to block pores, which naturally widens pores to release the increased sebum.
Among the reasons for enlarged pores includes, the weather, cleansing habits, cosmetics ingredients in use, and for ladies the increased and decreased may also be due to hormonal changes. Also, as the elasticity around the pores decreases due to aging, it continues to increase and deform hard like tangerine skin.

The use of functional cosmetics that reduce pore reduction or blackhead is desirable but requires constant use. However, cosmetics only prevent further deterioration, and there is a limit to reducing the pores that have already been opened.

Then, what is effective in managing wide pores while having acne?
Ultrasonic skin scrubber or chemical peel is recommended. Skin-scrubber and peeling can help discharge sebum from the skin to relieve pores and improve acne and skin texture at the same time. It is recommended for people with a lot of sebum, and it does not interfere with their daily lives at all, and you can see the improvement if you receive it 1-2 or 5 times a week.
After that, if you notice deep pores that stand out deeply, I recommend medium-intensity peel.
It has a noticeable effect after the procedure, but you have to endure the inconvenience of life for five to seven days, including dead skin cells and redness for about two days.

If your pores are as deep as scars caused by acne, we recommend active treatment such as laser. For example, a fractional laser treatment, and it is recommended at least three to five times a month. The laser treatment makes  tens of thousands of fine wounds on the skin and during the process of regeneration skin will fill up the pores. Of course, one time alone is much better than peeling, but for sufficient satisfaction, it is recommended that you treat it more than three times repeatedly.

If you have pores that looks less elastic due to aging after your 40s, we recommend skin deep regeneration to induce overall skin elasticity by regenerating to the deep layer of the skin. Skin regeneration shows satisfactory results such as Thermage, Hifu, and plasma procedures.