We all wish to have a young and radiant skin, but this could be an elusive skincare goal particularly as we age, our skin starts to appear dull with dead skin cells and decreased cell turnover. But, still there is a solution to retain your young skin with a proper exfoliating routine for your face and body removing the dead skin layers by restoring your healthy skin. Although you can exfoliate your skin with pre-made skin care products and tools, a general visit with a skin care professional aesthetician like ‘Skin & Light’ helps you to achieve stronger results.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a skin care technique followed to remove dead skin cells through mechanical or chemical means.  By removing the dead skin layer, skin brightening occurs and it allows your skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin making them work better.

Mechanical exfoliation:

In mechanical exfoliation tools like Clarisonic brush, washcloth or face scrub can be used to remove the dead skin cells. 

Chemical exfoliation:

For chemical exfoliation, ingredients like alpha or beta hydroxy acids are used to dissolve the dead skin cells.

How to exfoliate your face?

When using a physical exfoliate, wash your face with a regular cleanser which you use as an initial step, then use a face scrub and apply it in circular motions leaving your eye areas. Start massaging your face with the scrub applied on the time specified on your product, which is generally 30 seconds to a full minute. Follow it with a hydrating mask or serum.

When using a chemical exfoliate, follow the first step as washing face with a regular cleanser, followed by applying pre-moistened cloth or pad, or a gel or serum formula. When your chemical exfoliates are completely absorbed by the skin, rinse it off. Chemical exfoliants are often referred to as “peels” which mask your face.

How often do you exfoliate your face?

One of the common mistakes to avoid in exfoliating your face is to overdo it. One has to gently do it to help out the body’s natural exfoliation process, so that you get a good result. Moreover exfoliation also depends on your skin types,

For sensitive skin: For a sensitive skin extra care should be taken and exfoliation has to be done in a gentle manner with a warm, wet washcloth or a mild chemical exfoliate characterized with gentle active ingredients. And the routine to be followed is a maximum of two times a week.

For oily skin: These skin types are extra-tolerable and can be exfoliated up to five times a week. Exfoliate using cleansing tools or peels or serums for better results.

For normal to combination skin: For optimal results exfoliate up to three times a week. Either method discussed above can be used for these skin types.


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