Do you wash your face with only water in the morning? 

Some people might be too lazy to wash their faces because of lockdown or the weekend and the reason is they’re just staying at home all day. 

Today, I’m gonna talk about the right way to cleanse, similar to the professional cleaning service we provide. The cleansing step is the most important part of healthy skincare. 

I figured out many people are cleansing the wrong through my consultation with my clients. 

For instance,  some people say “my skin is dry and sensitive, so I always wash my face with only water in the morning” 

Or saying that “I do a lot of cleansing steps everyday. I use makeup remover if I’m wearing makeup follow up with cleansing milk, foam cleanser and then exfoliate” this could damage your skin. 

Everyone thinks we should cleanse our face properly at night because the skin becomes dirty throughout the day from being outside. But, you guys should cleanse your face properly in the morning as well. 

Let’s think about it while you are asleep, what’s happening to your skin. 

You guys do more care for the skin at night. Right? 

After cleansing, you apply toner, serum or ampoule,  moisturizer, eye cream, night cream, sometimes, sleeping mask at the end. 

Well, that’s good so far, and then you go to bed. You fall asleep expecting all good cosmetic ingredients are working well all night. 

But, your face touches your pillow, blanket, hubby’s clothes which has fine dust, ticks, and sweat. Also, dust in the air of the bedroom can stick to your skin.  All those dirt can stick to your skin with cosmetic products and this could cause skin inflammation.

Another reason, cosmetic product like rich based night cream has a lot of oil, water isn’t enough to wipe it off. 

So, you should cleanse your face properly with a foam cleanser in the morning. Doesn’t matter your skin type. 

Next question, are you cleansing with the right product and steps?

The skin has a barrier, this barrier consists of stratum corneum and lipids. The skin barrier has natural moisturizing and natural oil that protect our skin. 

But, if you cleanse your face too much, the skin barrier can be damaged. It can cause natural moisturizing and oil to reduce. 

Then, your skin becomes dry and sensitive. 

Next, let me explain how to wash the face in the right way,  actually, the cleansing step and cleanser should be different depends on skin type. 

You guys should choose a suitable cleanser for your skin condition. 

There are various types of cleansers on the market, such as cleansing milk, foam cleanser, and mousse type cleanser

If your skin is dry and sensitive, use cleansing milk and mousse type cleanser at night, use one of these in the morning. it’s soft, doesn’t give any irritation, skin will not feel dry after cleansing with this. 

If your skin is oily, cleansing milk, foam cleanser, toner day and night. 

To keep moisture in the skin, or maintain clear skin, regular exfoliation is also important. When dead skin piles up, skin becomes dry, dull and rough. Dead skin blocks the pathway of cosmetic products applied to the skin. 

If you want more professional care, Skin&light have treatments for deep skin cleansing plus nourishing the skin, I would recommend our Oxyjet peeling or Hydra facial! 

Give it a go!