Searching out for a treatment to give you instant glow and young-looking skin? You are here at a right place where Skin & Light, offers a cutting-edge technology ensuring the regeneration and revitalization of your skin’s natural elasticity whatever your skin type may be – Oxy Jet Peel Facial.

What is Oxy Jet Peel Facial?

Oxy Jet Peel Facial is an avant-garde technology which uses oxygen and water at supersonic speed to cleanse your skin. Designed with micro-jet hand piece Oxy Jet Peel facial exfoliates and refreshes the skin unlike other chemical peels.

How does it work?

The first step Oxy Jet Peel facial involves the infusion of oxygen and saline water ejected from micro-jet hand piece, your skin is first exfoliated and hydrated without any abrasion or discomfort. The next step is to infuse vital vitamins, anti-ageing collagen boosters, anti-acne serums, whitening cocktails and other minerals into the transcutaneous layer which can be customized based on skin types and problems.

Oxy Jet Peel facial does four amazing works simultaneously,

a) Deep cleansing: Cleaning the skin deeply with water, oxygen and vitamins at supersonic speed

b) Exfoliation: Removing dead layers of the skin by restoring the brightness without any pain

c) Hydrating: Water and oxygen, hydrates your skin leaving smooth and moisture skin

d) Oxygenated: Oxygen and vitamin infusion into the dermal layer improves the collagen and elastin production

Benefits of Oxy Jet Peel facial:

You would love to know the benefits of                Oxy Jet Peel facial, which includes:

1. Enhances your skin texture: With effective eradication of impurities in the skin like blackheads, whiteheads, dry and dead skin cells leaves a healthy skin texture by unclogging the pores.

2. Acne prevention: Hydrating your deep skin layers controls sebum production causing acnes. This treatment is naturally a blessing for every woman.

3. Youthful skin: This facial tightens and improves the collagen production in your skin, thus preventing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. By working on the base layers of the skin, prevents skin problems from the root where new skin cells are produced.

4. No downtime: This is a non-invasive facial procedure with natural elements and hence proven to be safe and ideal for all skin types without any downtime. The candidates can perform their normal activities after the facial treatment.

Duration of Oxy Jet Peel facial:

Oxy Jet Peel facial is natural, pain-free and can be performed in 50 minutes of time and the results are clear and visible even from the first session. Skin & Light recommends its candidates to take up this facial treatment during special occasions like wedding with beneficial results and to keep up time.

Post-treatment care:

Avoid exposure to sun and don’t forget to apply sunscreen for 24 hours after the treatment.

Wrapping up:                            

Hope you found a way to get instant glow and young-looking skin in short time with natural components in treatment. Nourish your skin with a water-based Oxy Jet Peel facial treatment from Skin & Light. Face your world with spotless, firm and radiant skin. Book your appointments with us today!