Have you ever noticed how obsessed people are to get their eyebrows picture-perfect? Eyebrows are considered to be a person’s most prominent features that help enhance facial features. From shaping the face to accentuating the eyes, it plays an important role in communication eyebrows has a lot of functions. If you are considering a permanent or semi-permanent solution for your eyebrows, then make sure you know about micro-blading & cosmetic eyebrow tattoos. Confused about how to choose? We are here to help:

1) What is micro-blading & Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo?

Micro-blading is a procedure that helps in eyebrow architecting. Unlike tattooing, this procedure is not done in the deep layer of skin, but more on the skin surface. Therefore, it is not a permanent solution, and the color tends to fade within 12 to 18 months.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is just a type of tattoo where the cosmetologist or the tattoo artist uses a tattoo needle comprised tool to inject the ink. The needle repeatedly penetrates the surface of the skin to add ink to the deeper layers of the skin. This technique is permanent, but in some cases, the color might get blur or fade over time. Once done, it’s very difficult or even impossible to remove.

2) Healing: Both techniques take almost 4-6 weeks to fully heal. But, unlike tattoos, if you’re unhappy at any pint of micro-blading, then it’s super easy to fix the brows with a touch-up.

3) Individual Strokes vs. Tattooed Brow Lines: The technique of micro-blading is quite different than of tattooing. In the case of micro-blading, we create a series of individual hair-like strokes that look identical to your natural brow hairs. These strokes are only done in the upper layers of the skin. But, in the case of eyebrow tattoo, the ink penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis.

4) Pigment vs. Ink: In the technique of micro-blading, cosmetologists use pigments which along with time fade to a lighter version of the pigmented color and not into a blue-green color. But, in the case of tattoo ink after few years the eyebrow color change to an odd blue-green tint.

5) Pain or painless: In micro-blading, the artists use a certain topical anesthetic, which numbs the procedure area making it more comfortable for the customers. But in the case of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, the needles penetrate the skin and the technique is quite painful.

4. Which looks more natural? Micro-blading is a method of mimicking your natural eyebrow hair strokes. But cosmetic eyebrow tattooing uses a machine and uses one solid bold color. Therefore, micro-blading delivers a natural look that enhances your eyebrows

5. Cost: Micro-blading is generally more expensive than cosmetic eyebrow tattoo.


Both micro-blading and cosmetic eyebrow tattooing have their pros and cons. If you are looking for something which is painless and gives you that natural finish then micro-blading is your go-to. But if you require a cost-effective yet long-lasting solution then an eyebrow tattoo can be preferred. First, understand your preferences and then select the method of eyebrow enhancement that is best for you.

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