EGF Lifting eye cream 50ml



Wrinkle-reducing eye cream

Age is determined by wrinkle

EGF eye cream effectively

Manages wrinkle around the mouth and eyes.



Product effect

EGF regenerates new skin and makes skin elastic, helps skin problems such as wrinkle lack of moisture.


It takes care of your skin by increasing skin elasticity,skin regeneration, and moisturizing around your eyes that are tired due to frequent use of smartphones



This is an eye cream that restores the skin’s elasticity and has an excellent effect on reducing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.


I recommend it to these people

”a person who gets creases around the eye area after applying make-up ”
”a person whose eyes are dry with frequent flickering and fatigue.”
”a person who needs vitality and elasticity around the eye area.”


How to use
Apply a dot around the eyes and mouth and pat it from inside to outside to absorb.
Please use it every morning and evening at the finishing stage.