Let’s take a look at how stress affects your skin first.

·        The skin is the largest organ in our body.

·        The skin is a sensory organ and reacts to neural activity such as touch, pressure, pain, and temperature.

·        Neural activity is also affected by stress factors in the mind and emotions, which can also be seen on the skin.


Relationship between Stress and Acne

How does stress cause acne?

·         In general, the biggest cause of acne is sebum and dead skin cells. Among them, the amount of sebum secretion is related to stress, so when stressed, the sebaceous glands become irritated, causing the skin to become oily, and oil blocks the skin’s pores, causing acne.


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*recommended daily routine


·         This blemish/acne set is suitable for young and adult skin that is prone to develop oil and acne. This kit has products that are created using ingredients that are scientifically proven to control skins oil production, manage breakout and calm inflammation caused by acne. Many products on the market can cause skin dryness but Inderma acne products quickly improve acne skin while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance.


1.               Use the mild ph balanced cleanser instead of scrub cleanser.


·        Botanical Herb Cleansing Milk (250)ml – A very mild cleansing milk suitable for sensitive acne prone skin. Can be used as a daily one step cleanser, especially for sensitive acne prone skin.


·        Herb Cleansing Foam (150ml) – No irritation, sub acidity cleansing foam that removes waste and residue.


2.               Use correct products for your oily skin conditions


·        Sebum Control Serum (60ml) – Excess sebum is a problem with acne skin. Sebum control serum helps suppress that problem, which will than help with pore contraction and relieve acne inflammation.


·        Trouble Serum (30ml) – Effective for acne prone skin, helps relieve redness and dark pigmentation.


l     Pure Medi Repair Cream (150ml) – This oil free cream is formulated for oily and acne prone skin, helps give skin a fresh feeling and relieves acne.


l  Spot Gel (10ml) – Apply to specific area where acne is formed or extracted from, this gel will greatly calm the effected area within a day. Spot gel can be applied over makeup repeatedly during the day.