Q. Can’t I wash my face simply with water in the morning? 

A . Even if you wash your face in the evening, you can’t skip washing your face in the morning. The oiliness of sebum, waste, and skin care products used in the evening remains during sleep, so wash your face according to skin type. If you put on makeup without removing waste from the night, it can lead to skin trouble. Especially in the summer, when UV rays are strong, you should pay more attention to morning cleaning.

Q. I want to know how to wash my face for each skin type.

A. Use lotion or foam type cleanser for dry skin. 

The oily skin has a meticulous double-washing. 

Wash your face first with lotion or gel type cleanser, and second with foam cleanser or enzyme powder. Remove the blackhead by using a blackout toner twice a week, especially in areas with a lot of forehead, nose, and jaw sebum. 

Sensitive skin is rinsed with lukewarm water by using a lotion type cleanser rather than foam cleanser. 

Tip . Do not rub your face excessively when washing your face with any type of skin. Excessive use of scrubs and cleansing brushes for oily skin, can cause skin damage.

Q. Is there a way to wash my face as if I’m being treated by a beauty therapist at home?

A.Self skin care Deep cleansing 3 steps

Step 1: Lotion or cream type cleanser

Step 2: Foam Cleaner rather than Soap

 Soap contains a lot of surfactants that are strong in cleaning. However, surfactants that act as can damage the lipid membrane of the skin’s surface that protects the skin. The foam cleanser is less irritating than soap and is also good for oil and moisture balance. It’s good to use plenty of cleansers. Make enough foam, put bubbles on your face, and rub flesh with a light massage. Try to reduce skin friction as much as possible.  

Step 3: AHA Peel, Purifying Pack

Choose a light AHA peeling product that melts and removes old dead skin cells once or twice a week to cleanse the skin. When using a pack, only skin moisturization and skin nutrition are commonly recalled, and deep-cleanness is also a must among the benefits of a pack. The Purifying type of pack not only cleans up skin wastes but also moisturizes the skin. Sometimes I wash my face in the morning by applying a purifying pack as soon as I wake up and then removing the pack after morning coffee.

 Tip: Let’s massage your face when you wash your face.
If you press down on your face muscles with your fingertips around your cheekbones while washing your face, it will also relax your tired facial muscles and improve your complexion.