Season changes from time to time, so does our skin. Differences in season can cause damage to our skin. To overcome this you need to alter the beauty products and treatments you take. The core is to protect your skin from excessive UV exposure and extreme high temperatures during summer and to overcome the dry skin during spring season. So, it becomes essential to take special attention to your skin during intermittent seasons like fall and winter to be prepared and having specific treatments done during this time of year helps you to maintain moisturized and young looking skin throughout every season.

With temperatures cooling off and the leaves falling, it becomes the perfect time to pay attention towards your skin. Although there are many special treatment options to be considered, Skin & Light in Australia lists out some treatments to be followed to get optimal results which includes:

To get to know about the features of treatment, let us discuss in detail about each of them.


What it is: Dermastamp is a skin needling treatment usually performed by tiny needles from a dermastamp device which removes the dead skin layer from the upper skin, accelerates skin turn over by puncturing the skin. The treatment also encourages collagen production and regenerates new skin cells.

What are its benefits: Dermastamp revitalizes skin tone, improves skin texture by enhancing overall skin complexion.

Length of appointment: Timing varies depending on whether it is done individually or as an add-on other treatments. If done individually the treatment is made in 90 minutes.

Peel treatments:

With several peeling treatments available in the aesthetic market, Skin & Light specializes in Oxy Jet Peeling treatment

What it is: Combination of oxygen and water is infused into the skin at supersonic speed which penetrates deep into dermal layers. It involves four important levels like deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and oxygenating.

What are its benefits:Anyone who is interested to improve their overall skin complexion can make use of this peel treatment. Depending on the strength of supersonic speed the treatment addresses many skin problems like reversing hyper-pigmentation, treating wrinkles and improving skin tone, texture and clarity.

Length of appointment: As an individual treatment it takes 50 minutes to complete.

Micro needling:

What it is:This is a minimally invasive technique which involves skin puncturing with micro needles resulting in skin repairing with increased collagen production and skin tightening.

What are its benefits:The treatment is beneficial for candidates who need to postpone or reverse signs of aging. Tightens sagging skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

Length of appointment:It nearly takes 90 minutes as an individual treatment

Laser treatments

What it is: This treatment involves directing concentrated pulsating beams of light to the areas of skin where a candidate wishes to remove pigmentation, age spots, acne, scarring and unwanted hair.

What are its benefits:A drastic change in all skin problems

Length of appointment: 60 minutes


At skin & Light, we care about the health and beauty of our candidate’s skin as much as you do. We offer the above discussed treatments on every season. Reach out to us for skin care consultations!